My Mantras as an Early Interventionist

Early Intervention - Therapist Guidelines

A little while ago I wrote a post about the parent-therapist relationship called ‘I Don’t Like My Child’s Speech Therapist‘ which focused on what parents can do on their end to improve the working relationship with their child’s therapist. Around the same time, I was asked by Heidi at Pediastaff to do a guest post ... Read more...

But I Can’t Understand What My Child Is Saying!

Speech Delay Speech Therapy

I recently received the following reader question: “My son seems to actually fill up the pages that he wants fairly quickly. Like “moon” for example – saw the moon once, liked it, now every time we’re out and see it he points it out. But his pronunciation of it is “muh.” He has about 60 ... Read more...

I Don’t Like My Child’s Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist

I know that many of my readers are here because they are interested in learning more about their child’s speech and language development. I also know that some of you are here because your child has a known speech or language difficulty and your child is likely receiving speech services. If your child IS receiving ... Read more...