Dads Do It Different

Lessons From Dads

First, I know. It’s differently, not different, but isn’t it fun to play with our language and not take it too seriously? After all, that’s what this post is all about – what we can learn from dads about not taking parenting too seriously. Dads play, parent, and do language development their way. It may be ... Read more...

How To Pretend

Pretend Feeds The Imagination

I hope we’ve established the importance of pretend play with our last post titled “Play Schmay! What’s so great about pretend anyway?” and a link to a fantastic article also highlighting the benefits of pretend. BUT, once you know and believe in the benefits of pretend, you still may be at a loss and not know ... Read more...

What’s So Great About Pretend Play Anyway?

Pretend Play is Magic

Well, I’ve always loved pretend play. As a little girl I spent endless hours playing school, house, beauty salon and any other game my friends and I could make up. My passion for pretend play soared though when I became a speech-language pathologist. I saw that there were very clear benefits to pretend play that ... Read more...