Three Lessons from Rotating Toys

Toy Rotations, Better

Do you remember Triple T Mum’s post on toy rotation where she shared those amazing toy rotation checklist printables? In that post she applied our toy rotation method, so I asked her if she’d follow up after a few rotations to share with all of us what worked and what didn’t. First, if you missed ... Read more...

Win A Toy Makeover

Too Many Toys

I know many of you have thought about simplifying toys, rotating toys, or organizing toys, but haven’t taken the leap because you are just too overwhelmed. Well, good news is here. One lucky reader is going to win a toy makeover! Here’s how it will work… One of you will get me in-person or through ... Read more...

Minimalist Fun at Childhood 101

Simple (Minimalist) Play

Did you see our minimalist play space featured over at Childhood 101? Go check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!   Read more...