These are smart speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who are also bloggers. They may not like the term I’ve assigned us all now, but overlook the funny name and check them out.

  • Playing With Words 365 – If you’re here and are interested in this topic, you will definitely find some wonderful information at this site. Katie shares clear and useful information on early language development and her site should be the next stop on your journey if you haven’t been there yet!
  • All4MyChild - They have a fantastic social skills app and also do wonderful book reviews with language concepts already spelled out for you.
  • ASHAsphere – Well, ASHA, in general is the master of all master websites on everything speech and language. The ASHAsphere is where they house their blogs. You can also find a speech-language pathologist (SLP) in your area here.
  • Hanen - They aren’t technically bloggers, but this is the place for parents to get great information on language development. They were some of the first people in the field of speech-language pathology talking about how important PARENTS are to a child making real and lasting progress in therapy. Go them!

Big Thinkers in Child Development

Once you’ve read up on everything speech and language, these people are the educators, psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and others who will give you all of the other important information on child development.

  • Not Just Cute – An educator who discusses everything from behavior to picking the right preschool
  • Starfish Therapies – A physical therapist with practical ideas for parents.
  • Grass Stain Guru – An advocate of getting outside, getting your child moving, and getting dirty.
  • Easy Peasy Kids – A focus on behavior and how to support positive interactions with your child.
  • Brain Insights – A look at how best to support strong brain development.

Moms With Great Ideas

If you are looking for activities, a way to connect with other moms, and just overall great ideas, tap into the wealth of knowledge and know-how of other moms. The ideas on the blogs listed below will get you motivated, warm your heart, and help you to connect even more with your child by having fun!

Talents Behind Little Stories