Story Time! {5 Simple Steps to Better Engage Your Child In Books}

I’ve told you before that while the Little Stories concepts are not complicated, they can be difficult to implement. That’s mostly because change is hard. But even before the change is hard part, comes the “I just need to see these concepts in action so I can really get it” part. So, to show many of these techniques in action I stuck my neck out for you. I recorded myself implementing many of the Little Stories concepts during a book reading of “Little Quack“.

Is it perfect? NO! After watching it there are at least 100 things I would do differently. BUT, when you are video-taping with a toddler you’ve got about…one take. And it also highlights the value of video-taping yourself as a therapist, educator, or even parent so you can be your own critical eye and see how you are truly engaging with your child.

Here I show you how to read books so they really come alive and so that your child begins with the foundation that books are magical and reading is awesome.

So without anymore hesitation here it is…

To follow-up this activity and encourage even more learning, try…

  • Helping your child act out the story with rubber ducks in the bath,
  • Singing “Five Little Ducks” song, or
  • Reading the follow-up books in the “Little Quack” series.

Have fun sharing books and creating a literature lover!

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5 Responses
  1. The accompanying video shared is wonderful! It is an ideal example of how the way you share a story with a child can get them engaged and excited about stories, storytelling, and eventually reading. The little listener was completely interested in the story and language being shared. A great post and video for any childcare provider, teacher, and parent.
    heather at wordplayhouse® recently home: family outdoor movie nightMy Profile

  2. amber says:

    This was such a great example. The video really helped me to see how to interact and make story time more fun! Thanks for all of your advice and help I am so glad I have Little Stories as a resource on our journey.
    amber recently posted..Meal Plan Monday #Menu & #RecipeMy Profile

    • Kim says:

      Yay! I’m so glad it was helpful. Please keep me posted on your journey! Can’t wait to hear all of the important signposts on your trip!