Hi! I’m Kim Rowe, MA, CCC-SLP, a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist. Here’s my story…

My first word, according to my mom, was “french fries.” I know, I know. But it was before the time of organic food and healthy eating, and everyone secretly loves french fries!  Anyway, when I grew up I became a speech-language pathologist. I truly found my passion in working with children and families focusing on early speech and language development. I have been dedicated to giving parents the knowledge they need to feel confident as their child’s BEST communication partner!


I am Hanen certified and have carried out four sessions of Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk programs. I have supervised students and clinical fellows, trained school staff, served as a Speech Therapy Department supervisor in Brooklyn, NY and served as a clinical manager in Walnut Creek, CA. But most importantly I’ve worked with a lot of children and families, in several different states, helping those children to tell their stories in their own words. I wanted to reach even more families, in more places, and I created Little Stories with that purpose in mind.

I currently work in private practice in beautiful Savannah, GA. In addition to working, I enjoy blogging, contributing over at Modern Parents Messy Kids, spending time with my husband, volunteering with my therapy dog, and listening to my daughter’s story begin to unfold.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services I offer through Little Stories, please see my couching and training sessions for both parents and professionals.