{A Part of} My Little Story

Maybe this post has no business here on this space. It has nothing to do with speech and language development. So this space has sat quietly for a long time. Waiting. Waiting for me to have the stories of children and speech and language to share again. But then I changed my mind.

You’ve been here with me, for a long time or short time, sharing the joys of parenting, negotiating the ideas of less stuff, more time, deeper connections, and telling me the story of your two year old (Is he talking enough?), or your playroom (I need help!), or yourself (I don’t know how to play, how to connect. I’ve been so focused on teaching my child red and blue that I forgot to see who she is, what she has to say.) You’ve shared a lot with me. I’ve mostly had on my professional hat, my speech-language pathologist uniform, listening and encouraging with a heart-centered, but academically-trained ear. I maybe shared a little here and there of my own story, but mostly you know me and my family only through the lens of my work.

Well today, I’m sharing a lot more. Honestly, this space has been quiet because it’s been waiting for me to feel better. I thought it was postpartum thyroid. I thought I was just too busy and tired with two kids. But in reality, I’ve been sick for a long time. Fourteen years. I got sick in college. Off and on, for my entire adult life, I’ve been on the verge of functioning, all the while looking perfectly normal on the outside. I don’t have visible symptoms of my illness, other than the white spots on my skin you may have noticed in my pictures. I’ve been bounced around from doctor to doctor with no real clue where I was headed or who could help.

Today I have some answers in the form of a doctor that I know gets it. I don’t know everything yet, but I do know that I have hope. I’m excited and relieved. I will write again here on this space. I have more to share. I will feel well enough to share it. So I’m ready to move forward.

Before I go, I have to say the obligatory, please don’t feel the least bit sorry for me. But I really mean it. It has not been an easy road, but life never is and many have worse stories than I. I will be okay and even with my illness, and my fair share of “lazy guilt”, I’ve accomplished a lot. In addition to building my career and my family, I’ve learned to eat really well, what good nutrition really is and how it feels, how to clean my home and care for my environment in a safe way, how to relax and slow down, how to trust my instincts, how to think and learn for myself, how to find really true and good and honest and loving friends, how big and deep a marriage can be, and who I am at my core.

I’m thankful for these gifts. I’m not sorry about my path.

I don’t know how much or how soon I’ll be back. But I do know tomorrow I will share something that happened recently that I’m particularly grateful for, something to which I think you’ll whole-heartedly relate. But. For now. That is all. THAT is my little story.

And if you want to follow along in pictures, even though I’m not always here on the blog, I’m usually still sharing on Instagram. I’m @thelittlestories and I’d love to see you there.

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12 Responses
  1. hugs to your and your family! and we’re here for you whenever and however you need us :)
    rachael {imagine gnats} recently posted..sewing: add kitty ears to any hoodieMy Profile

  2. I feel your strength here, Kim. It eases the pain I feel for you and your family to know you have that strength. Don’t forget that sometimes it is okay to lay your burden down and when you need to, your friends are there to help you pick it up. (((hugs)))
    Jill || Made with Moxie recently posted..Go play outsideMy Profile

  3. Jen says:

    So happy you shared your story! And I also am excited that you found a doctor who ‘gets it.’ They can be hard to come by.

    Sending lots of love your way.
    Jen recently posted..Crafty Kids | Leaf PuppetsMy Profile

  4. Celina says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I really hope you find a solution, a proper diagnosis or whatever it is that can make you feel better inside and out. Sending many many hugs, good energy and lot’s of love to you and your family. xxx

  5. Andrea says:

    Thank you for sharing, Kim! I am inspired by your optimism. That you are able to see all the lessons you’ve learned up to this point in your journey, and view them as gifts. Big hugs!!
    Andrea recently posted..Gift Guide for the Creative ToddlerMy Profile

  6. Caroline says:

    I love you, friend.

    Your story will help others. I am so glad you have found a doctor that really understands what is going on and I am optimistic that you will heal.

    Sending all the best thoughts and prayers and love to you and your beautiful family.

  7. Shannon says:

    So proud of you for writing this hun.

    We’re all here for you and you are in our thoughts.

    anytime you need to talk, need a shoulder to cry on, someone to make you laugh, someone to vent to …you name it…you know where to find us :)

    Stay strong…..hugs.

  8. Katie says:

    As always, you are so inspiring Kim. As an SLP, a Mother, a friend….you can get through this. I am hopeful you have found an answer and treatment that works! Love you!
    Katie recently posted..Melissa & Doug Terrific 25 List and Giveaway! {And My Top Picks for Speech & Language}My Profile

  9. Jodi Aman says:

    Love your tenacity to problem solve. You turned the corner long ago and everything is bringing you here! Love you!

  10. Ros says:

    Sending love to you Kim! xo
    Ros recently posted..Ho Chi Minh City Street Food TourMy Profile

  11. Laura says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been ill for so long. I am glad you have finally got on the right path to healing yourself. Lots of luck for the journey ahead.
    Laura recently posted..Winter Wonderland: A Quilted Infinity Scarf TutorialMy Profile

  12. Kim, I have to first say that you are a fantastic writer! You are eloquent, insightful, open, honest… poetic. As someone that has had chronic pain for 2 years, I can relate- a little. Your story is beautiful and inspiring. You are such a blessing to all of us. Lifting you up in prayer!

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